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Server Rules
Started by StanEXE



16 Mar 2021
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13 Jul 2021

To keep the community safe and fun, we have some simple rules.

  • No unfair modifications to the game
    • In order to keep the game fun for everyone, we do not allow modification that we consider to be unfair. If you are unsure about something, please contact a moderator. All client modifications are used at your own risk.
    • Fully Allowed: OptiFine, other optimization mods
    • Not allowed (not all banned mods are listed here): Xray resource packs, Hacked clients, other mods that give you an advantage.
    • Auto-clickers are not allowed.
    • Any bugs or exploits found should be reported. Using them may result in a punishment or rollback.
  • Be kind to other players
    • No leaking of personal information. This extends to Discord tags or even a first name. Players are anonymous and will choose to share information themselves. You do not share the information of other players.
    • No discrimination of any kind.
    • No harassing of any kind.
    • Asking for nudes. Even outside of the server, we will punish for this. You do not ask other players to perform sexual acts for you. Don't joke about it. We take this very seriously, and so should you.
    • No death threats
  • Keep chat open and safe
    • No advertising other servers, sending the name or IP of other servers is not allowed.
    • No spamming, this blocks up chat for other players.
  • Only English in main chat
    • Please also keep the main chat PG clean and accessible for everyone
  • No illegal acts
    • Illegal acts will be reported to the appropriate authorities.
  • No Scamming
    • In-game scamming is not allowed

These rules can change without notice. We may punish at our own discretion.

Thank you for reading the rules and we hope to see you online very soon!

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